Strider will join children in their active travel and will pop into schools on Tuesday, 7th May!

Park and Stride

During the Alwoodley Ward Wide Walk to School Week, 7th - 10th May 2024, we hope that everyone who can will gift their children with at least 10 minutes of fitness before they start the school day.  

 If you live farther than 10 minutes away, can you help keep cars off of residential streets by parking in designated sites that are off of main roads? This will improve air quality, and make residential streets near schools safer and more enjoyable for walking, cycling and scooting. It will also ensure that your children get at least 10 minutes of activity before starting their school day. Park and Stride Hosts have agreed to allow school parking from 7:50 - 9am and from 2:50 - 4:00pm (some sites are AM ONLY).

Park and Stride Locations

We highly encourage you to  use the designated Park and Stride locations during walk to school week. These will give your children a 10 minute walk and keep cars off of residential streets (and therefore safer for walking, cycling and scooting). You and your children can also use this activity to identify your own park and stride location. Please make every effort to keep off of residential streets by parking on main roads or in car parks. 

Moor Allerton Library

We recommend parking at Moor Allerton Library for Alwoodley Primary School and Allerton C of EAlternatively, The King Lane Car Park is a good option for keeping traffic out of the residential roads, but won't give the children a full 10 minute walk.

King Lane Park & Stride

The best location for St. Paul's Primary School Students to get a 10 minute walk is to park at the King Lane Park and Ride and walk from there.

Alwoodley Community Association Car Park - AM ONLY

For a slightly longer Walk St Paul's, Alwoodley Primary and Allerton C of E  families may also park at the ACA, and walk along the path via the rugby club in the MORNING ONLY.

St. John's Church Car Park 

Park at St. John's Church Car Park off of Harrogate road for a 5 minute walk to Primley Wood or a 15 minute walk to Brodetsky Primary.  Upon entering, the drive splits, to your left you'll see an open gate and a well marked sign for the correct car park. Please look at the location in advance: what three words ///else.delay.trip

The car park  will be open for Park and Stride from 7:50am - 9:00am and again from 2:50pm - 3:50 pm during Walk to School Week (7th - 10th May). 

The church will leave the gate open, so you can drive straight in.  Please do not park on Fir Tree Lane. On Harrogate Road you'll pass Fir Tree Lane and then see the entrance to the church Car Park. We'll have a Park and Stride Sign up there.

Tree Tops Community Centre

Highfield Primary School has a long-standing park and stride at Tree Tops Community Centre.

Wigton Lane

Most Wigton Moor Primary School children live in the local residential area and within a 10-15 minute walk. If your family must drive in from outside the school area, please park along Wigton Lane during Walk to School Week to ensure the children get at least 10 minutes of active travel and to keep car congestion out of the residential streets.