We Wassailed!

January has been kind of blah, but this bright sunny day, over 20 people came out with silly hats, instruments, pots and pans (to bang), wassailing poems and songs. We met in the car park and paraded down to the young orchard. None (but 1) of us had ever wassailed before. Can you remember the last time you felt pure joy and silly fun? I now fully understand why this traditionally took place in the mid, deep dark mid winter. We all agreed we'll do it again next year, but even bigger, perhaps with Morris dancers and a brass band, and with many more of you.  Thank you, Rowan, for stepping up to be our Wassailing Soverign next year?

We held this for fun, and also to raise awareness of our lovely young orchard that we're looking after. Our goal this year is to have a dedicated group regularly looking after the two little orchards and possibly looking to expand orchards throughout the ward. The next event is a pruning workshop on January 18th. Details here. Please be in touch if you'd like to join the orchard group.

PYO Apples Here in Alwoodley

During the week of 1st October, anyone can join in on apple picking right here in Alwoodley. Sign up to share your tree(s), to volunteer to pick apples, to serve as a drop off point for apples and bottles, and more. Come downt ot the ACA on 8th October to make apple juice with the apples.

Sign up to help here.